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raksumilk chocolate

Sweet and crispy Finlandia Candy Raksu is a real food-lover’s dream! Seductively sweet on the outside and surprisingly crunchy on the inside. A perfect bite for any time of the day!

Raksu Milk Chocolate is a smooth snack that hides its crispy rye heart under a delicious milk chocolate icing. If this isn’t enough to cause your mouth to water instantly, then what is?

A whole bag full of Finnish flavours

Sweet and crispy Raksu is a uniquely wonderful Finnish invention. This delicacy is made from high-quality ingredients, from our tasty chocolate to its rye heart. 

Raksu is a unique snack developed in Finland. This delicacy combines the well-known health effects of rye and cocoa, so you can enjoy this delicacy with a good conscience!

Pick either milk chocolate or dark chocolate

Raksu Milk Chocolate is a snack for those big and small moments in life. Underneath its soft chocolate icing lies a crispy heart made out of rye. Raksu Dark Chocolate is a tempting combination of the richness of dark chocolate and crispiness of the rye heart. 

Treat yourself!

There’s no such thing as treating yourself too much. Raksu is a well-deserved delicious treat in everyday life. It’s a great snack after a workout, school or a long workday when you need a bit of relaxation. Whenever you need a boost of energy or just want to treat yourself, grab a tasty Raksu!

More info

Finlandia Candy Raksu milk chocolate 150g UTZ puffed rye covered with milk chocolate

Nutritional Valuesper 100 g
Energy2111 kJ / 505 kcal
Fat26 g
- of which Saturates17 g
Carbohydrates58 g
- of which Sugars40 g
Fibre4,4 g
Protein7 g
Salt0,12 g
Magnesium70 mg
Iron5,2 mg

Ingredients: Sugar, RYE FLOUR, cocoa butter, whole MILK POWDER, cocoa mass, skimmed MILK POWDER, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin, E414), glucosesyrup, flavours (vanillin). May contain small amounts of OAT. Cocoa amount of milk chocolate minimum 30%.